Canol Heritage Trail


  1. Name Canol Heritage Trail
  2. Distancia de sendero 322 km, 200 millas
  3. Duración en días 20 días
  4. Inicio de sendero Norman Wells
  5. Fin de sendero Yukon border
  6. Clasificación Traildino SW, Caminata extenuante, sendero de montaña
  7. Clasificación Travesía de refugios T2, Caminata de montaña

Canol Heritage Trail

Norman Wells – Yukon border, 350 km, 200 miles, 20 days

The Canol Heritage Trail is a challenging and potentially dangerous wilderness walk through a mountainous and empty area in Canada's far north (latitude of Trondheim, Norway).

The trail runs over 200 miles, 350 km, from Macmillan Pass at the eastern edge of the Yukon Territory to Norman Wells, Northwest Territories.

As one of the most remote trails in the world, the Canol Heritage Trail sits on the remains of the Canol Road, built during World War II to support an oil pipeline.

Be prepared! This is a challenging trek, for which you must carry food and tent. You will have to cross many rivers, among them three difficult ones including one which must crossed by raft. You might encounter bears. And for sure you will see and feel lots of mosquitos. No one "owns" this trail. The responsibility of its crossing is all yours.


Hiking Map Canol Heritage Trail


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