Via Alpina


  1. Name Via Alpina (VA)
  2. Distancia de sendero 5,000 km, 3,107 millas
  3. Duración en días 333 días
  4. Inicio de sendero Monaco
  5. Fin de sendero Trieste
  6. Clasificación Traildino DW, Caminata difícil, bushwalk
  7. Clasificación Travesía de refugios T3, Caminata de montaña exigente

Via Alpina

The Via Alpina is a pan European trail from Monaco to Trieste, covering the entire Alps region. No less than eight Alpine countries are involved: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and Monaco.

All together the Via Alpina trails cover 5000km in 342 stages. There are five separate trails, of which the red trail is the longest, forming a full arc connecting Trieste to Monaco, 2500km. This can be done in about four months. The yellow trail also starts from Trieste, takes an alternative route to Oberstdorf in Germany, where it ends to meet the red trail again. The purple trail splits off from the red trail in Tržaška koča na Doliču and turns east to make a detour through Slovenia and Austria, only to meet up with the red trail again also in Oberstdorf. Further west in Liechtenstein the green trail splits off from the red trail to take a shorter route across Switzerland to Adelboden where it ends to meet the red trail. Finally, the blue trail splits from the red trail in Riale, Italy, only to be rejoined with the red trail in Sospel, southern France, near the final destination Monaco.

The Via Alpina is a stiff hike, for hardened walkers. It crosses many of the main Alpine mountain ranges. However, it is not a mountaineering expedition, and there are no glacier crossings involved nor any exposed passages.

Season for hiking the Alps is from early July until halfway September. In the lower parts, june is a fine month, full of flowers. And oktober can be very pleasant in the Dolomites and southern Alps.

To prepare, start by visiting the excellent website of the Via Alpina organisation (see under Facts).

Select some tracks
Via Alpina, 246km
Via Alpina
(no name), 1km
.Via Alpina Red R1, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R2, 25km
.Via Alpina Red R3, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R4, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R5, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R6, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R7, 25km
.Via Alpina Red R8, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R9, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R10a, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R10b, 13km
.Via Alpina Red R11, 7.3km
.Via Alpina Red R12, 9.4km
.Via Alpina Red R13, 11km
.Via Alpina Red R14, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R15, 25km
.Via Alpina Red R16, 19km
.Via Alpina Red R17, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R18, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R19, 24km
.Via Alpina Stage 20, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R21, 6.3km
.Via Alpina Red R22, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R23, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R24, 13km
.Via Alpina Red R25, 8.7km
.Via Alpina Red R26, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R27, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R40, 17km
.Via Alpina Rot R41, 12km
.Via Alpina Rot R42, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R43, 25km
.Via Alpina Red R44, 17km
.Via Alpina Rot R45, 11km
.Via Alpina Red R46, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R47, 11km
.Via Alpina Red R48, 23km
.Via Alpina Red R49, 24km
.Via Alpina Red R50, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R56, 11km
.Via Alpina Red R57, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R58, 8.6km
.Via Alpina, 22km
.Via Alpina Red R77, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R78, 30km
.Via Alpina, 16km
.Via Alpina, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R81, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R82, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R83, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R84, 25km
.Via Alpina Red R85, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R86, 10km
.Via Alpina Red R87, 22km
.Via Alpina Red R88, 8.9km
.Via Alpina Red R89, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R90, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R91, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R92, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R93, 19km
.Via Alpina, 31km
.Via Alpina Red R95, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R96, 21km
.Via Alpina, 28km
.Via Alpina Red R98, 19km
.Via Alpina Red R99, 9.2km
.Via Alpina Red R100, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R101, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R102, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R103, 7.5km
.Via Alpina Red R104, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R105, 8.1km
.Via Alpina Red R106, 25km
.Via Alpina Red R107, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R108, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R109, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R110, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R111, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R112, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R113, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R114, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R115, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R116, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R117, 27km
.Via Alpina Red R118, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R119, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R120, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R121, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R122, 11km
.Via Alpina Red R123, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R124, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R125, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R126, 10km
.Via Alpina Red R127, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R128, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R132, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R133, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R134, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R142, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R143, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R144, 7.9km
.Via Alpina Red R145, 5.8km
.Via Alpina Red R146, 8.3km
.Via Alpina Red R147, 8km
.Via Alpina Red R148, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R149, 24km
.Via Alpina Red R150, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R151, 23km
.Via Alpina Red R152, 19km
.Via Alpina Red R153, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R154, 6.4km
.Via Alpina Red R155, 9.9km
.Via Alpina Red R156, 23km
Via Alpina Red R157, 23km
.Sentiero per Rifugio Allavena, Colla Melosa, 3.3km
.Via Alpina Red R158, 9.1km
.Via Alpina Red R159, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R160, 19km
.Via Alpina Red R161, 13km
.Via Alpina Red R28, 13km
.Via Alpina Red R75, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R74, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R73, 13km
.Via Alpina Red R72, 13km
.Via Alpina Red R71, 29km
.Via Alpina Red R70, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R69, 17km
.Via Alpina Red R68, 15km
.Via Alpina Red R69 Alternate, 10km
.Via Alpina Red R67, 13km
.Via Alpina Red R67 Alternate, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R66, 24km
.Via Alpina Red R64, 9.1km
.Via Alpina Red R64 Alternate, 10km
.Via Alpina Red R63, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R62, 11km
.Via Alpina Red R61, 8.2km
.Via Alpina Red R60, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R59, 9.1km
.Via Alpina Red R55, 21km
.Via Alpina Red R54, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R53, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R51, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R29, 31km
.Via Alpina Red R30, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R31, 7.6km
.Via Alpina Red R32, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R65, 9.4km
.Via Alpina Red R33, 26km
.Via Alpina Red R34, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R35, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R36, 19km
.Via Alpina Red R37, 7.8km
.Via Alpina Red R38, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R39, 11km
.Via Alpina Red R129, 22km
.Via Alpina Red R130, 22km
.Via Alpina Red R131, 18km
.Via Alpina Red R135, 12km
.Via Alpina Red R136, 16km
.Via Alpina Red R137, 20km
.Via Alpina Red R138, 14km
Via Alpina Red R140, 0.2km
.Sentiero Italia - Tappa E12, 14km
.Via Alpina Red R141, 8.6km
.Via Alpina Red R139, 8.9km
.Via Alpina Red R52, 15km
Via Alpina Purple
.Via Alpina Purple A10, 21km
.Via Alpina Purple A11, 19km
.Via Alpina Purple A13, 18km
.Via Alpina Purple A14, 20km
.Via Alpina Purple A15, 25km
.Via Alpina Purple A16, 21km
.Via Alpina Purple A17, 10km
.Via Alpina Purple A18, 27km
.Via Alpina Purple A19, 19km
.Via Alpina Purple A20, 8.6km
.Via Alpina Purple A21, 26km
.Via Alpina - Violetter Weg [046b Lavanttaler Alpen], 51km
.Via Alpina Purple A35, 8km
.Via Alpina Purple A36, 11km
.Via Alpina Purple A37, 9.6km
.Via Alpina Purple A38, 17km
.Via Alpina Purple A39, 8.8km
.Via Alpina Purple A40, 6.1km
.Via Alpina Purple A41, 16km
.Via Alpina Purple A42, 7km
.Via Alpina Purple A43, 19km
.Via Alpina Purple A44, 11km
.Via Alpina Purple A45, 23km
.Via Alpina Purple A46, 27km
.Via Alpina Purple A47, 14km
.Via Alpina Purple A48, 9.3km
.Via Alpina Purple A49, 11km
.Via Alpina Purple A50, 12km
.Via Alpina Purple A51, 7.9km
.Via Alpina Purple A52, 18km
.Via Alpina Purple A53, 14km
.Via Alpina Purple A54, 13km
.Via Alpina Purple A55, 25km
.Via Alpina Purple A56, 13km
.Via Alpina Purple A57, 19km
.Via Alpina Violett A58, 26km
.Via Alpina Violett A59, 16km
.Via Alpina Violett A60, 29km
.Via Alpina Purple A61, 8.4km
.Via Alpina Purple A62, 22km
.Via Alpina Purple A63, 14km
.Via Alpina Purple A64, 17km
.Via Alpina Purple A65, 22km
.Via Alpina Purple A66, 17km
.Via Alpina Purple A25, 13km
.Via Alpina Purple A26, 18km
.Via Alpina Purple A27, 14km
.Via Alpina Purple A28, 8.3km
.Via Alpina Purple A29, 11km
.Via Alpina Purple A30, 20km
.Via Alpina Purple A31, 20km
.Via Alpina Purple A32, 15km
.Via Alpina Purple A33, 12km
.Via Alpina Purple A34, 17km
.Via Alpina Purple A35, 16km
.Via Alpina Purple A9, 19km
.Via Alpina Purple A8, 9.2km
.Via Alpina Purple A7, 8km
.Via Alpina Purple A6, 8.2km
.Via Alpina Purple A7 Alternate, 7.1km
.Via Alpina Purple A5, 13km
.Via Alpina Purple A4, 14km
.Via Alpina Purple A3, 13km
.Via Alpina Purple A2, 11km
.Via Alpina Purple A1, 9.3km
Via Alpina Yellow
.Via Alpina Yellow B1, 17km
.Via Alpina Yellow B2, 15km
.Via Alpina Yellow B3, 17km
.Via Alpina Yellow B4, 32km
.Via Alpina Yellow B5, 50km
.Via Alpina Yellow B6, 22km
.Via Alpina Yellow B9, 8.9km
.Via Alpina Yellow B8, 30km
.Via Alpina Yellow B7, 20km
.Via Alpina Yellow B10, 54km
.Via Alpina Yellow B11, 26km
.Via Alpina Yellow B12, 24km
.Via Alpina Yellow B13, 32km
.Via Alpina Yellow B14, 23km
.Via Alpina Yellow B15, 24km
.Via Alpina Yellow B16, 13km
.Via Alpina Yellow B17, 6.8km
.Via Alpina Yellow B18, 23km
.Via Alpina Yellow B19, 19km
.Via Alpina Yellow B20, 25km
.Via Alpina Yellow B21, 18km
.Via Alpina Yellow B22, 19km
.Via Alpina Yellow B23, 15km
.Via Alpina Yellow B24, 7.7km
.Via Alpina Yellow B25, 12km
.Via Alpina Yellow B26, 12km
.Via Alpina Yellow B27, 21km
.Via Alpina Yellow B28, 8.7km
.Via Alpina Yellow B29, 16km
.Via Alpina Yellow B30, 11km
.Via Alpina Yellow B31, 14km
.Via Alpina Yellow B32, 13km
.Via Alpina Yellow B33, 20km
.Via Alpina Yellow B34, 16km
.Via Alpina Yellow B35, 37km
.Via Alpina Yellow B36, 20km
.Via Alpina Yellow B37, 14km
.Via Alpina Yellow B38, 19km
.Via Alpina Yellow B39, 7.7km
.Via Alpina Yellow B40, 13km
Via Alpina Blue
.Via Alpina Blue D1, 12km
.Via Alpina Blue D2, 13km
.Via Alpina Blue D3, 14km
.Via Alpina Blue D4, 17km
.Via Alpina Blue D5, 25km
.Via Alpina Blue D6, 17km
.Via Alpina Blue D7, 15km
Via Alpina Blue D8
.Sentiero Italia - Tappa E53N, 9.5km
.Via Alpina Blue D9, 9.8km
.Via Alpina Blue D10, 16km
.Via Alpina Blue D11, 16km
Via Alpina Blue D12, 7.2km
.Sentiero Italia - Tappa E51, 8km
Via Alpina Blue D13, 3.3km
.GTA: Alpe Baranca - Carcoforo, 8.8km
Via Alpina Blue D14, 5km
.Sentiero Italia - Tappa E48, 9.8km
.Via Alpina Blue D15, 11km
Via Alpina Blue D16, 3.1km
.Sentiero Italia - Tappa F20, 9.7km
.Via Alpina Blue D17, 20km
.Via Alpina Blue D18, 16km
.Via Alpina Blue D19, 18km
.Via Alpina Blue D20, 14km
.Via Alpina Blue D21, 16km
.Via Alpina Blue D22, 7.5km
.Via Alpina Blue D23, 9.8km
.Via Alpina Blue D24, 5.5km
.Via Alpina Blue D25, 13km
.Via Alpina Blue D26, 13km
.Via Alpina Blue D27, 13km
.Via Alpina Blue D28, 11km
.Via Alpina Blue D29, 14km
.Via Alpina Blue D30, 16km
.Via Alpina Blue D31, 12km
.Via Alpina Blue D32, 22km
.Via Alpina Blue D33, 13km
.Via Alpina Blue D34, 21km
.Via Alpina Blue D35, 14km
.Via Alpina Blue D36, 20km
.Via Alpina Blue D37, 15km