Veluwe Zwerfpad


  1. Name Veluwe Zwerfpad (SP16)
  2. Distancia de sendero 357 km, 222 millas
  3. Duración en días 18 días
  4. Inicio de sendero Arnhem
  5. Fin de sendero Arnhem
  6. Clasificación Traildino LW, Paseo ligero, paseo en entorno campestre

Veluwe Zwerfpad

SP16, Veluwe Zwerfpad, circular walk starting and ending in Arnhem, 357 km

The Veluwe is the attractive and varied wooded centre of the Netherlands. The Veluwe Zwerpad winds hundreds of kilometers through this area.

It is amazing to walk through these extensive and dense forests and to realise that a hundred years ago this area was a bare, undulating plain. The locals used the poor sandy soils as common grounds, a system that existed throughout Europe.

In the 19th century, these Commons were prohibited by law, and the lands were transferred to private ownership. In the Netherlands, the state appropriated the lands. The whole area was planted with pine and spruce, used for the mines in the south of the country. Areas with richer boulder clay soils were also planted with beech and oak.

Many of these forests were never cut. Nowadays it is a fantastic succession of versatile forests, fields and history. Early in the morning, walkers may see a lot of wildlife: deer, foxes, wild boars, pine martens, and many species of birds. The downside is that the area can be busy with day trippers and holidaymakers. Plan your walk on quiet days.

The walk is marked yellow-red. And there is a guide with maps available.

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Veluwe Zwerfpad
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 01 Veluwezoom West, Arnhem-Lunteren, 56km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 02 Wekeromse Zand, Lunteren-Otterlo, 17km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 03 Kootwijkerzan, Otterlo-Kootwijk, 14km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 04 Maanschoten, Kootwijk-Garderen, 9.4km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 05 Speulder- en Sprielderbos, Garderen-Putten, 12km
Veluwe Zwerfpad 06 Ermelose Heide, Putten-Elspeet, 31km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 13 variant, Putten Station, 2km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 07 Gortelse Heide, Elspeet-Vaassen-Niersen, 27km
Veluwe Zwerfpad 08 Kroondomein, Niersen-Hoog Soeren, 15km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 08 Kroondomein, Variant Jachtseizoen 15-9 - 25-12, 2.8km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 09 Asselse Heide, Hoog Soeren-Kootwijkerzand, 18km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 10 Hoog Buurlose Heide, Kootwijkerzand-Hoenderloo, 16km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 11 Loenermark, Hoenderloo-Dieren, 38km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 12 Veluwezoom Oost, Dieren-Arnhem, 36km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 13 Hoge Veluwe West, Het Lage Erf Arnhem-Otterlo, 22km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 14 Hoge Veluwe Noord, Hoenderloo-Otterlo, 15km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 15 Hoge Veluwe Oost, Ingang Schaarsbergen-Hoenderloo, 28km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 16 Houtdorperveld, Garderen-Elspeet, 11km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 17 Kroondomein Midden, Elspeet-Hoog Soeren Spaansche Kappen, 8.8km
.Veluwe Zwerfpad 18 Kroondomein West, Hoog Soeren-Garderen, 17km


Veluws Zwerfpad SP16


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