1. Name Twentepad (SP2)
  2. Distancia de sendero 87 km, 54 millas
  3. Duración en días 4 días
  4. Inicio de sendero Almelo
  5. Fin de sendero Almelo
  6. Clasificación Traildino LW, Paseo ligero, paseo en entorno campestre

Twentepad - © Henk NouwsSP2, Twentepad, Circular trail through North Eastern Twente, 87 km

A path in the east of the Netherlands. This circular and regional path is created by the Stichting Wandelnet and it is possible to walk it in four days. The walk is marked yellow-red.

The landscape of Twente is characterized by hedgerows, heathland, "esdorpen" (villages on raised sandgrounds with a system of common grounds and private fields) streams, old water mills and farms. In contrast to the open landscapes of the west of the Netherlands, the east of the country is more enclosed. The eastern loop of this hike runs through the scenically most attractive part between Oldenzaal and Denekamp. Here you can find some interesting heaths and moors. Accommodation can be found in the many villages one passes.

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Twentepad, 92km
Nommisci - SP 2 campotosto, 5.5km


Calificación 8.5 | 2 votos | No 2. en Países Bajos
  • Oranginas, long distance hiking trails Europe Abril 2007
  • Calificación 8
  • Positivo A circular walk through the fascinating and frequent varying scenery of the Twente district. Almost no asphalt. Well marked trail. Very good maps/books available. Pretty villages to sleep.
  • Negativo Nothing.
  • Pantalaimon Agosto 2011
  • Calificación 9
  • Positivo For many inhabitants of the Netherlands this trail would be an unexpected surprise. If you know the Netherlands as a flat country with everything neatly organised in straight lines this might change your mind. In a far corner of the country the hasn't changed much with small farms and lots of small forested area's. The hills and clear streams keep the hike exited. Free wildcamping places!
  • Negativo Some of the wildcamping place were quite close to the road.
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Twentepad SP2


De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids S2 Streekpad Twentepad | Wandelnet
  • Routegids met gedetailleerde topografische kaarten waar de route duidelijk op ingetekend is. Daarnaast alle noodzakelijke informatie als openbaar vervoer en overnachtingsadressen. Traject : Noordoost-Twente / Lengte : 87 km Het Twentepad biedt een goed beeld van de gevarieerdheid van de Twentse noordoosthoek: havezathes en landgoederen als... Leer más
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