Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail


  1. Name Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail
  2. Distancia de sendero 420 km, 261 millas
  3. Duración en días 20 días
  4. Inicio de sendero Bella Coola
  5. Fin de sendero Quesnel
  6. Clasificación Traildino SW, Caminata extenuante, sendero de montaña
  7. Clasificación Travesía de refugios T2, Caminata de montaña

Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail, Sunshine Lake, South Tweedsmuir

Bella Coola - Quesnel, 420 km, 20 days

This long walk - three weeks - is a wilderness trail along the tracks of the first peoples of British Columbia, the Nuxálk and Carrier people. They used this route for trade. In 1792 Alexander Mackenzie made this trip as the first European.

The trail runs through a diversity of landscapes, from the fjords on the west coast, through the alpine scenery of the South Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, along lakes and through forests. The stage through the South Tweedsmuir Provincial Park – 80 km, 5 to 7 days - is considered to be the most scenic.

Note that this is no easy walk. The route is not marked, and parts are very isolated. Therefore, walking in a group of at least three people and prepare well for it. The terrain and weather conditions may be difficult. An encounter with bears is possible.

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Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail, 335km


Hiking Map Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail


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