Kreuzecker Höhenweg


  1. Name Kreuzecker Höhenweg
  2. Duración en días 5 días
  3. Clasificación Traildino DW, Caminata difícil, bushwalk
  4. Clasificación Travesía de refugios T3, Caminata de montaña exigente

Kreuzecker Höhenweg, Kreuzberg Group, Hohe Tauern, 5 days

Fine walk, well secured. Allthough this is the Hohe Tauern, you will be far from the crowds. The trail stays above the tree line. The trail is said to be easier than the Wiener Höhenweg, also in the Hohe Tauern. But the days are long. Best place to start is the Drautal, Görtschach or Lengberg.


Map Kreuzeckgruppe


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