Nord-Süd Wanderweg - 5


  1. Name Nord-Süd Wanderweg - 5 (WWW05)
  2. Distancia de sendero 520 km, 323 millas
  3. Duración en días 30 días
  4. Inicio de sendero Nebelstein
  5. Fin de sendero Eibiswald
  6. Clasificación Traildino SW, Caminata extenuante, sendero de montaña
  7. Clasificación Travesía de refugios T2, Caminata de montaña

Nord-Süd Weg

Nord-Süd-Weg, Weitwanderweg 5, Nebelstein – Eibiswald, 520 km

The Austrian "Weitwanderwege" or long distance trail combine easy walking terrain with more difficult Alpine terrain. Similarly this trail, www5.

The Nord-Süd-Way, or long distance trail No.5, crosses the country from top to bottom. The first stages go through the beautiful wooded parts of the Waldviertel. After crossing the Danube River, the walk is harder. We now cross the Alps, the beloved Hochschwab Ennstaler Alps. This part requires an Alpine mindset: sturdy climbing and descending, and not always a comfortable track. Further south the trail is easier again, crossing the vast and rolling Gleinalpe and Koralpe. In the south the path ends in the Pohorje mountains, Slovenia.

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Nord-Süd-Weitwanderweg 05A, 4.7km


Map Nord Süd Weg, Weitwanderweg 05


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