Great Ocean Walk, Australia

A fantastic 109-km walk along a magnificent stretch of coastline. I saw echidnas, kangaroos, and koalas, but very few people (except near shared camping zones) - quite a feat, given the huge popularity of the Great Ocean Road area. The dedicated walk-in campsites were magnificently positioned, and had drinkable water in water tanks. Do yourself a favour, and take the suggested 8 days. I left myself only 4.5 days and had to rush, and really missed out on much of what would have been a great experience. If taking the full 8 days, this would not be a particularly difficult trail, but if undertaking it in the warmer months, watch out for snakes! (I did the walk in summer, and saw 9 snakes...) Enjoy!

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    Great Ocean Walk, Australia | Calificación 9

    PositivoMagnificent views, and removed from the crowds packing the rest of the Great Ocean Road area.

    NegativoFirst section from Apollo Bay was not as magnificent as the later sections; and, of course, the 12 Apostles viewing area was packed solid with crowds of tourists!

  • Cuando Diciembre 2011